How to set up home page

/ How to set up home page

Archtiko theme does not bind you to use a certain homepage layout by providing 2-3 layouts. It allows you to create a totally customizable homepage by using the shortcodes that it provides! Before setting up the homepage let us look at the variety of shortcodes that archtiko provides to create customizable homepage.

To create a homepage, go to Pages > Add New and give it a title say HomePage.

Now go to Settings > Reading and set A static page option for Front page displays and set created page as Front page.

Follow 6 easy steps to create a homepage as the one shown here.

Step 1

To create the initial welcome block as shown, add the code in the WordPress editor under Visual tab.


Step 2

The next block is created using the FEATURE shortcode. Use the feature shortcode and create the block shown in demo.


Step 3

Now to create the counter as shown, use the shortcode PROJECT SHEET add the following code:


Step 4

Fetch your recent posts on the homepage itself! Use the shortcode LATEST NEWS and create the block as shown.


Step 5

Add up the testimonials using TESTIMONIAL shortcode.


Step 6

Display the clients associated with your website on your homepage! Use CLIENT shortcode and create the block as shown.