Language Translations

/ Language Translations

Archtiko is a translation ready theme. That means you can translate it to your local language. By default theme is supplied with English language.

Steps for Language Translation

1. Download Poedit from and install it. This is an open source tool for all major OS.

2. Open Poedit and go to File > New from POT/PO file and select the POT in your theme’s languages folder.

3. Enter language you want to translate the theme in the opened dialogue box asking for language. For example, fr_FR for French.

4. Translate file and save it as fr_FR in your theme's language folder. Two files will be generated after you save, fr_FR.po and

5. Open wp-config.php and search for define ('WPLANG', ''); and change it to define ('WPLANG', 'fr_FR');.

Your WordPress installation should be in the language you want to use the site. In our example installation should be in French language.